• Feature
  • Specification
  • Usage Situation
  • Tools can be put on the upper space of the unit conveniently

  • The toxic substances such as the carbon dioxide and the nitrogen oxide will be decreased effectively

  • Exhaust duct has a good durability against high temperature and the erosive chemicals

  • Differences with the products of other companies, the exhaust filter can be changed easily and economical

  • The casters on the bottom enable easy movement and usage in a small space

  • Operation of the unit is easy. 

  • After switching on the power switch, the fan motor starts its rotation with a high efficiency, long life, and low noise

Model No.
Motorcycle Exhaust Fume Filter
11.8" × 14.2" × 43.3"
Specification of the Hose
3" × 80"
Temperature Range
-40 °C ~ 150 °C
Net Weight / Gross Weight
55.1 lb / 63.9 lb
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